Dawn Baxstrom

I am a Certified Professional Photographer, US Equine Photographer Specialist, Wife, Mother of Jagger, Owner of Bunny & Cupcake, and a pasture full of ponies. I love sweet tea, hot tea, and rustic, shiny things.  My life is full of good stories and lasting friendships.  I love to photograph horses and people, but will photograph anything if someone wants to book it.  In my spare time, I enjoy roping and shopping the antique stores.  Leather and lace are my favorite fabrics.  

I created this website, which represents me.  It might not be filled with perfect grammar (and neither am I).  My job is to make beautiful photographs;  the ones that people want to hang on their walls, barns and offices.  The kind of photographs that are meaningful, remembered, and Payed For! 

I hope you enjoy browsing my site.  Be sure to check in and follow my blog, Ponies and Pearls.   You can find me on Facebook more than any other Social Media site, but I'm trying to figure out a workflow to reach them all consistently.  

Please respect my images.  All of these images are under the copyright of Dawn Baxstrom and all rights are reserved.  If you would like to purchase any of the photos you see, I will sell them to you...that's what I do! So go grab a coffee (or in my case hot tea) and stay awhile.  When you find something you want, buy it!